Syndicate Motors FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the procedure for getting a dealership?
  • Should be registered under GST.
  • Should have minimum 350sqft space for showroom.
  • Should provide 50,000/- as upfront deposit
  • Syndicate will provide required documents for applying for a trade certificate.
  • Once trade certificate is received, the dealer will have to place an order for a minimum of 5 units.
  • Dealer to pay balance amount after adjusting initial deposit.
  • Syndicate representative will visit dealer with first dispatch to help with the setup and training.
  1. How much deposit is to be paid to the company? A refundable deposit of ₹50000 through DD or cheque. Once trade certificate is issued, we will adjust the deposit amount against your first order.

**Minimum order should be 5 units.

  1. How many days’ credit is given for vehicle stock by the company?
    A. Our company does not endorse a credit system. All payments have to be cleared before the delivery of orders.
  2. What is the dealer’s order policy? Will the company supply vehicles without order?
    A. The company will supply only according to dealer requirements and after complete payment. It is dealer’s responsibility to maintain adequate stock to achieve monthly sales targets.
  3. What is the period of dealership agreement with the company?
    A. Dealership Agreement with the company is renewable every 2 years.
  4. What will be the area of operations for the dealership?
    A. Distinct area of operation will be given to the dealership for sales and service-related activities.

Investment and Returns

  1. What is the investment required to start new dealership?
    A. Other than land and building (minimum area 350 sqft,) the dealer will be required to invest as per the following details:
  • Interior: depends upon dealer’s available space.
  • Vehicles, Spares and Accessories’ stock
  • Local marketing activities, including but not limited to distribution of flyers, local hoardings etc.
  1. What kinds of returns can a dealer expect to earn? Company can not guaruntee any returns, as selling the rickshaws alone is the responsibility of the dealers. That being said, if the dealer sells at least 5 units a month, he can expect to earn between sixty thousand to a lakh every month. Syndicate provides a comfortable margin for dealers to earn money on the rickshaws sold.

Support from company

  1. What support will be given by the company to new dealership? Company will provide manpower training to workshop technical staff at company’s locations.

– Training to the sales team will be provided on product features, customer handling, and sales processes.

– All leads of concerned area will be given to Respected Dealer:

  1. Retail Leads
  2. Bulk Purchase Leads

 – Brochures & Fliers Will Be Provided



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