E-Rickshaws- The Greener Pastures.

E-Rickshaws- The Greener Pastures.

Concerns of pollution have magnified over the last few decades. The commendable growth in the automobile industry has been gained at the expense of the environment. Climatic conditions are worsening and it’s about time a change is brought.

Since the 2000s, there has been an increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road. Although not prevalent on a wide scale yet, e-vehicles come with a promise of being kinder to the environment and its people. One of the most important forms of electric vehicles, especially in India,  “> are e-rickshaws. Rickshaws are quintessentially Indian, and are one of the most common means of transport in metros and towns all over the country. Rickshaws are popular among locals and tourists alike, and e-rickshaws are the next revolution in that pedigree. They are slowly gaining ground owing to their cost-effectiveness as well as being eco-friendly. 

The Government has already indicated that regular three-wheelers could phase out from 2023. The battery operated rickshaws are quieter, faster and cleaner compared to the traditional rickshaws. They are way less strenuous for the rickshaw wallahs who have to break their backs peddling the vehicles all day long, so the potential for e-rickshaws to boom is well and truly there. 

India is currently home to over 1.5 million e-rickshaws and it’s growing rapidly. As many as 11,000 new e-rickshaws hit the streets every month, and annual sales are expected to increase about 9 percent by 2021. And due to the sheer population size of India, and its dependence on rickshaws in everyday life, e-rickshaws may not just be a huge business opportunity, but also, a key to a greener, pollution-free India. Globally, transportation accounts for 15 percent of greenhouse gas emissions; and electric vehicles are a big part of the solution.

With the World Health Organization listing India as being home to 10 of the world’s most polluted cities, there’s a dire need to find ways to reduce carbon emissions, and electric vehicles are the need of the hour for exactly that. China is another country that’s terribly affected by pollution, and the e-rickshaw market has flourished there, and helped bring pollution down to a manageable degree, and India could be the next in line. 

Electric vehicles are a boon to the environment for ages to come, and are a great alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles:. Energy Renewability: Electric Vehicles could further reduce your greenhouse gas emissions if run on renewable sources of energy. Solar photovoltaic are a great way to ensure renewability.

Less Pollution: Electric vehicles run on battery, and produce zero exhaust emissions that most other vehicles do. What better way to abbreviate the pollution masking India?

Healthier: Reduced harmful exhaust emissions is good news for our health. Better air quality will lead to less health problems and costs caused by air pollution.  Charge anywhere: Electrical vehicles charge through any electric socket, and more and more sockets are being made for public usage anywhere. Noise reduction: If not iterated enough, electric vehicles run on battery. Electric vehicles generate comparatively lesser noise and are a soothing alternative to petrol or diesel vehicles.

Recyclable: The battery on which electric vehicles run can be easily recycled, which makes them both cost effective and eco-friendly. Safer: Electric vehicles tend to have a lower centre of gravity that makes them less likely to roll over. They also have a lower risk for major fires or explosions. 

Performance: Electric vehicles are fundamentally superior to combustion vehicles in terms of power, torque and acceleration. Government Incentives: The Government is favourable to the growth of e-rickshaws, and is providing incentives to help it grow further. Low Maintenance: Electric vehicles demand way less maintenance as compared to petrol and diesel vehicles, making them better in the long run. 

Electric vehicles is our drive to a greener and healthier future, so e-rickshaws should be allowed to boom and flourish. We need to take care of our beautiful planet and its environment in every which way we can, and e-rickshaws certainly aid in that by reducing carbon emissions. 

Syndicate Motors is a manufacturer of electric vehicles that combat environmental issues and economic issues in India. Join us in our fight for a sustainable environment as well as a cleaner and greener India.

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