Electric-mobility and Air Pollution

Electric-mobility and Air Pollution

The economy has been bettering, and more people having a higher disposable income, has resulted in them investing in vehicles which has led to an increase in the number of petrol/diesel vehicles on the road. The pollution caused by these vehicles worsens the quality of air. The Air Quality Index in the state of Delhi alone was reported to be around 450, around the month of November 2019. A bad air quality results in harmful effects relating to diseases of the lungs potentially leading to cancer.

The sudden emergence of the fatal Coronavirus has forced everyone almost all over the country to stay inside their houses as a safety measure, so as to not contact the disease themselves. This has resulted in almost no people on the road, and zero vehicles on the road. The air quality all over the world has significantly improved. According to reports, after a nationwide lockdown, the air quality of India has drastically improved as well. India was previously home to fourteen out of twenty most polluted cities in the world, and it has come down to two cities. Such a sudden and impactful change in the environment shows that with the right kind of care for the environment, the environmental issues of pollution can be combated. 

One of the major causes of air pollution is the abundant use of petrol/diesel vehicles. Air pollution is known to cause several lung diseases and is most fatal to children. A proven way of reducing air pollution in the environment is the use of electric vehicles that do not produce any local emissions like other petrol/diesel vehicles do. 

The development of electric vehicles is a step towards this never seen before climatic condition. Electric mobility is known for causing little to no pollution. The electric energy generated due to recharging of batteries inevitably produces pollution, but it is lesser as compared to pollution produced by petrol/diesel vehicles. But the production of electric energy combined produces less pollution and is convincingly beneficial.

The use of electric vehicles alone is beneficial in many different ways as opposed to only being able to combat pollution. Electric mobility reduces the consumption of petrol, to the point of probably making its use non-existent when it comes to vehicles. It also battles and reduces the greenhouse effects on the environment. Electric vehicles also save a huge amount of energy as compared to petrol/diesel vehicles, of up to 35% more energy.

This pandemic has awakened nations in more ways than one. And one such realization is of how adversely harmful the pollution in the air is. Let us come together to make not only India, but the entire world a safer, environment-friendly place to live in. Let each one of us do our part in saving the environment and making the world a better place to live in for generations to come.

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