Press Release 13.11.2019: E-rickshaw donation to Gurudawara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Rudrapur

Rudrapur, Uttarakhand: Syndicate Motors has announced the donation of its electric vehicle, an E-rickshaw to Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Rudrapur, on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti. The e-vehicles will be used for travel for and by the devotees of the Gurudwara.
“Syndicate Motors, over the years, has come up with innovative and eco-friendly solutions of transportation, to accelerate a source of livelihood while combating environmental issues. This initiative seeks to get to grips with the crying need to increase awareness for adoption of electric vehicles in both commercial and private sector.” – Hansveer Chandhok,Syndicate Group of Companies

About Syndicate Motors: Syndicate Motors is a part of Syndicate Auto Components. Pvt. Ltd., the largest manufacturer of windshield wiper arms and blades in India, since 1964. Syndicate has a spotless reputation in the market for customer satisfaction and the quality of its products. Syndicate Motors is driven to generate work opportunities and reduce the carbon footprint by launching its range of electric vehicles.
Syndicate Motors is based out of Uttrakhand and is spreading out soon to Karnataka.

Syndicate Motors e-rickshaw Donation
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