We have your business plans ready: E-Rickshaws

We have your business plans ready: E-Rickshaws

Entrepreneurship has flourished over the past decade. People of all ages are looking to invest into a business, and start something of their own to give themselves their own, unique identity. 

Although companies like Ola and Uber have been around for the past few years, and there has been an increase in easily accessible transportation, they have not been very kind to the environment. 

A more viable solution to public transport is the emergence of e-vehicles, or e-rickshaw. There has been a significant increase of 10-12 percent per annum over the past decade, in the e-rickshaw segment. As the number of e-rickshaw vehicles on the roads is increasing, the number of e-rickshaw manufacturing companies is increasing as well. These companies have been reported to produce about 10000 vehicles per month.

That brings us to the question – why is an e-rickshaw business the most ideal?

E-rickshaws have come about to be the most affordable means of public transportation, not just for consumers, but for the e-rickshaw owners as well. They are much cheaper as opposed to the petrol/diesel vehicles and are more environmentally friendly – keeping in mind the increasing pollution affecting the environment.

E-rickshaws have been reported to cost anywhere between ₹75,000-₹1,00,000, which is less than that of the petrol/diesel vehicles, which start at a rate of ₹2,50,000.

But that is not all, you have more than enough reasons to invest in an e-rickshaw:

  • They are a cheaper alternative

E-rickshaws do not necessarily cost a fortune. Buying a branded e-rickshaw is not all that necessary either. You could get away with purchasing a locally assembled one; all you will need to make sure is that it is I-CAT approved. They are also extremely comfortable and safe. 

  • Opportunity of independence to women

E-rickshaws are relatively easier to drive condireding their light-weightedness, and women can do that as well. E-rickshaws help women break the stereotypes and give them a platform to establish independence in their lives. Their affordability makes them even more feasible. 

Women in the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Kerala, have already taken to driving rickshaws for a living; it is about time the rest of the women of India take to driving e-rickshaws as well.

  • Easily available

E-rickshaws are known for their easy availability; whether it is an assembled one or spare parts that you are looking to assemble, they are right around the corner. They also cost  lesser as opposed to petrol/diesel vehicles. 

  • Generate a better profit 

It is not just cheaper for you, as the owner, but also for your customers. E-rickshaws generally charge a minimum rate of ₹10 per person, as opposed to ₹25-₹30 in a rickshaw or ₹12 in an e-cycle. An e-rickshaw offers more room for people, and an amplified chance at bettering your daily earnings and your monthly profit on the whole. Their longevity is also something that is unmatched, offering a promising future.

  • Less Maintenance Required

Another plus side of e-rickshaws is that they incur close to no maintenance costs. See it is a long-term investment with no recurring costs: they run on battery, something that you could easily charge at home.You will not have a problem with the battery running out or stop working either, because the batteries last longer. You would have no fear of them running out of fuel, the lesser the stress, the better. 

  • Customization of your vehicle

 E-rickshaws give you the liberty to change it up any way you want, or for the comfort of your customers. You could add rain sheds to shield you and your customers from the rain during the monsoon, or just curtains as a shield from the scorching heat. 

All in all, e-rickshaws are a progressive way of securing your future and of the country. Although they are relatively lighter considering they run on battery, and pose the risk of tumbling, they are far better than fuel-run vehicles. Their emergence has proved to be a boon to the environment, and it is about time we establish it as the most common means of public transport.  

Syndicate Motors is a manufacturer of electric vehicles that combat environmental issues and economic issues in India.

Join us in our fight for a sustainable environment as well as a cleaner and greener India.

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