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Electric Rickshaws Leading the Electric Mobility Race

August 18, 2021

The number of electric rickshaws in India grows about 20% per annum, nearing 2 million vehicles which also see a steady increase of about 10000 electric rickshaws per month. Electric rickshaws are growing at an accelerating rate because of quite a few reasons.

  • Affordability: Despite being new, advanced technology, electric rickshaws are way cheaper to purchase than combustion vehicles. The cost of running an electric rickshaw per kilometre is  only ₹0.4 as compared to over ₹2 of auto rickshaws.
  • Supportive government: The government provides subsidies and incentives to the people interested in starting an electric rickshaw business. There also schemes for affordable loans to make paying it off easier.
  • Beneficial for the environment: Electric rickshaws are known to reduce air and noise pollution. In a country like India with the concerns of pollution increasing, these vehicles helps combat them. 

In bigger cities that are heavily crowded, buses or other modes of transportation are not very ideal. Electric rickshaws can be the last-mile commute for people. Electric rickshaws are in fact the preferred mode of transportation by office goers. Transportation that is cheap and efficient is ideal for people who commute long distances every day.  

Another reason electric rickshaws are so popular is their ease of driving. They are extremely easy to maneuver and are very lightweight making it possible for both men and women to drive. Electric rickshaws give complete independence especially to women to earn for themselves, making them capable of managing their own life. There is of course the added advantage of these vehicles being battery-operated that completely eliminates the several trips to the petrol pump throughout the day. 

It is not just the poor who have chosen electric rickshaws as their form of business. Wealthier people have also cashed in on electric rickshaw business, usually renting them to those who cannot afford to buy them. Renting an electric rickshaw also seems to work in favor of these drivers since they earn quite a good amount of money throughout the day. The spacious build of most electric rickshaws makes it possible to carry multiple customers at once, hence generating higher revenue.

Other electric vehicles like a car or a scooter are more private, and a bit pricey as compared to the electric rickshaws. Given how in 2021 almost everyone owns a combustion vehicle, it would be years before India could see an electric revolution come about in private vehicles. But with the increased use of private cabs, autos, and scooters, the companies are looking into making these vehicles all-electric. This would greatly increase the number of electric vehicles on the road. But until that happens, electric rickshaws are the only hope to be able to lead an electric revolution.

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