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Hansveer Chandok Managing Director

Hansveer Chandok

Managing Director
Regret for the Things We Did Can Be Tempered by Time; It Is Regret for the Things We Did Not Do That Is Inconsolable - S.J.Harris

Third generation entrepreneur, looking to carve out a niche in the electric mobility space.

Meet the Team behind Syndicate Motor's range of electric three-wheelers

  • Vipul Chauhan

    Vipul Chauhan

    Sales & Marketing Manager
    As a Field Sales & Marketing Manager with over 6 years of experience driving market share growth in designated territories, I have mastered the ins and outs of automotive sales and territorial prospecting. After honing and executing these specialties to reach numerous company goals, I was honored with an offer to join Syndicate Motors. Now, I spend most of my time brainstorming sales strategies, preparing sales forecasting and generating demands in the market
  • Kushagra Kothari

    Kushagra Kothari

    Quality Engineer
    As a Quality engineer, I have 6 years experience to control Manufacturing defects to manage quality circles and Good knowledge about TQM Culture. I am always working with customer satisfaction and built Quality.

  • Saikat Sarkar

    Quality Engineer
    My passion for design engineering began during my college time. As a child, I’ve always had keen interest in the mechanism of how and why they work in such a way. This field has given me the opportunity to not only design and create but also to explore the endless possibilities of new inventions. Having 2+ years of experience in this field, I work for the organization in designing and development of electric vehicle products and it’s quite fun here.

Our range of Electric Three Wheelers

Syndicate Motors

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