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The Future of E-rickshaws

August 10, 2021

‘Electric is the future,’ is a saying agreeable in every household in today’s world. With the need to have a cleaner, greener world, it is imperative for newer, more sustainable options in vehicles to emerge. Global transportation accounts for 15 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions and plays a major role in deteriorating the conditions of the environment. Adding to that is India consisting of a least 10 cities that account for the most pollution, making pollution a growing concern in India. 

The wake of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a steady decrease in pollution, thanks to the lockdown in the country. But ever since everything is up and running, the pollution has started to increase more, especially because people are trying to make up for the time lost and stepping out of their houses even more. In a country like India where public transportation is used widely, electric rickshaws seem to be promising in being less harmful to the environment.

Electric rickshaws are not only a very safe option but also very affordable. Auto rickshaws in India are mainly driven by the poor and is their only source of income. The adverse effects of auto-rickshaws are quite evident given how they make up most of the public transportation; one would find at least 5 rickshaws passing by every five minutes. Cities like Gurugram, Karnataka, etcetera have started to adopt electric rickshaws as their preferred mode of public transportation. 

One of the biggest reasons the poor opt for electric rickshaws as their means of business is due to the incentives provided by the government. This helps reduce the overall cost of the vehicle, and with a down payment of a few years, the owner can pay their debt off with the considerable amount of money earned through it.

While electric rickshaws are a cheaper alternative, at first, it might seem like a task to maintain it, given its advancement. In reality, it is quite the opposite. Electric rickshaws are the easiest to maintain since they are battery-operated, completely eliminating periodic changing of oils. They also incur a very low costs for regular maintenance. Another one of the positives is its ability to be charged from absolutely anywhere; with the increase in electric rickshaws on the road, the government is actively working towards setting up more charging stations. 

Petrol and diesel vehicles tend to generate a lot of noise, adding even more so to the already existing noise pollution. Electric rickshaws, on the other hand, are a lot quieter. Not just that, their performance in terms of torque, power, and acceleration is far superior to that of petrol/diesel vehicles. The batteries that these rickshaws run on are more often than not recyclable, which helps the environment even more so.

The future of vehicles is here and it is about time, we as a nation adapt it more than we do now to better the quality of life for this generation and the next. Even though electric rickshaws are not popular in a lot of cities, it would be advisable to choose them as a mode of transportation in the cities that they are. Skip taking your petrol/diesel car out for shorter distances, use an electric rickshaw instead; take a step towards a greener future.

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