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Benefits of an Electric Loader.

October 12, 2021

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people have started to rely on online deliveries. What this means for grocery and departmental stores is timely delivery of products and in huge quantities. With the sudden inflation in the online delivery of products, there is a need of delivering the products in a short time as well. This can sometimes prove to be a challenge for the vendors since one, their pickup-up trucks do not have enough capacity to hold the products, and second, more often than not, since these vehicles are not equipped to carry a lot of weight, it in turn slows them down. 

But here is where an electric loader rickshaw comes to the rescue. A electric loader is a a great investment for vendors or even giants like Amazon that deliver multiple products through the day and in multiple places far apart from each other. Let us look at a few benefits of owning an electric loader:

Low initial investment: Imagine having a regular, petrol run vehicle that you use for your everyday deliveries. Of course, you have been using them for long enough now, but calculate the number of times your vehicle has broken down and has required maintenance. The costs of the maintenance alone would cost a fortune, not to forget the initial investment made in purchasing the product. The most striking feature of an electric loader is that it is extremely cheap in comparison to its petrol/diesel counterpart. The initial costs are affordable and do not cut holes in your pockets which makes it great choice for your online business. 

Low maintenance: An electric loader sounds like an attractive offer given its price, but many people are under the impression that it would cost just as much or more than a combustion vehicle in terms of maintenance. But that is false; an electric loader is cheap to maintain given the fact that it is battery operated. A single charge gives hours and hours of running time, and the battery lasts for at least a good six to eight months, depending on the kinds of a battery it is. 

Decreased pollution: If everyday cars could be used as pickup trucks, they could have possibly helped curb pollution to an extent. But deliveries require separate pickup trucks that cause an even greater amount of pollution, especially because they worsen over time since they are not adapted to taking a lot of weight. An electric loader, on the other hand, does not add to pollution at all given it is battery operated. It produces zero carbon emissions and it the safest option for the environment in today’s world.

Higher weight capacity: A regular electric loader is able to carry up to 400-500 kg, which is a lot more than a regular pick up truck can carry. Inspite of all this weight, the movement of the vehicle does not falter at all. The build of an electric loader also allows it to move longer distances faster and without any issues.

Easy and comfortable drive: An electric loader is light-weight despite its capacity to carry up to 500kg of weight. Even with all that weight, it gives you a smooth ride without getting stuck or making you feel like you’re moving mountains. It also produces lesser noise in comparison to the combustion vehicles which reduces the risk of noise pollution and makes it a peaceful ride not just for you, but the others around you as well. A good electric loader also provides good, comfortable and high quality seats that make it great for long rides across towns. 

All in all, an electric loader is the future of e-commerce businesses. It is the way to ensure that not just your costumers are happy, but you are, and so is the environment. If you are looking for an electric loader, Syndicate Motor offers a great Electric Cart that is not only affordable but has a great set of benefits as well, that could accelerate your online delivery business.

Syndicate Motors is a manufacturer of electric vehicles that combat environmental issues and economic issues in India. Join us in our fight for a sustainable environment as well as a cleaner and greener India. We offer a great, affordable variety of electric rickshaws catered to specific needs that you can learn more about here.

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