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Here’s why E Rickshaws make business sense in India.

November 11, 2021

The time around Diwali brings up so many concerns regarding air pollution, especially in cities like Delhi where the air quality is almost unliveable. Even though bursting crackers during Diwali worsens the air quality in cities, it is not any better during the remainder of the year. The year round pollution is caused by combustion vehicles that are only growing in number over the years.

In terms of being able to combat pollution, electric vehicles in general are considered to be the lowest hanging fruits of the automobile industry. The number of electric vehicles on the road has also increased significantly over the last few years. 

Investing in electric vehicles as an individual earner or a business makes the most sense because of the numerous advantages attached. First of all, electric vehicles are cheaper to run. They do not consume any fuel, which in turn reduces pollution and depletion of natural resources. When it comes to maintaining them, there are hardly any maintenance costs and they certainly do not cut a hole in your pocket while being almost 70% less than petrol/diesel vehicles. A single battery lasts as long as six to eight months with no problems whatsoever. 

If you are an individual who runs an electric rickshaw business, it is all the more viable for you because the charges per head cost enough to be cheap for the customers as well as earn you a good profit. The electric rickshaws are also spacious with comfortable seating that allows people to opt for them time and again. You can also reduce the charges of electricity by opting for natural sources of electricity like solar energy or use smart meters.

Use of electric vehicles helps assert corporate social responsibility. It has become crucial to be mindful of the environment no matter what the line of business is. For business that require numerous vehicles for delivery, the safest and the most responsible option is electric vehicles. The numerous trips that vehicles have to make for delivery save a lot of fuel while also reducing the air pollution. 

Bad air quality is also linked to various respiratory diseases. Switching to electric vehicles ensures that the air quality remains at its possible best. This also in turn helps the employees stay healthy, hence taking fewer sick days. Caring about the impact electric vehicles make on the environment is necessary to sustain in the young world. Taking mindful steps for the betterment of the environment attract younger people who are more worked up about the worsening of the environment.

Finally, electric vehicles are the future. The sooner you take steps towards a greener future, the more impact you would have on the society and the environment. The government offers benefits over the already low costs to electric rickshaw owners for them to be able to afford these vehicles even more easily. With the number of vehicles growing in the cities, sooner or later, there is going to be very less space for parking. Electric vehicles help reduce the need for parking and at very low costs.

Syndicate Motors is a manufacturer of electric vehicles that combat environmental issues and economic issues in India. Join us in our fight for a sustainable environment as well as a cleaner and greener India. We offer a great, affordable variety of electric rickshaws catered to specific needs that you can learn more about here.

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