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Introducing eLoaders- Your One Stop Solution for Logistics!

May 25, 2021

In recent times since the beginning of the pandemic, while the most staunch and well-functioning business models have crashed, the logistical chain has only seen an enormous rise in demand. With the masses ready to pay tremendous prices over safety and the convenience of getting their needs delivered to the doorstep, the last mile connectivity that is able to keep the buyer-seller cycle complete is majorly contributed to by these eLoaders. Unlike heavy vehicles, they are the more commonly opted choice for smaller-sized consignments due to ease of movement in city limits. 

Even though electrical vehicles as a concept have been around for a few years now, they are yet to gain the same amount of popularity on both large scale and logistical fronts. Just like electric cars and eRickshaws, there are equivalent models of transportation available even for goods becoming available. E-Loaders hit the markets a little shortly after much success that was received by eRickshaws and electric autos and they have by now, begun to prove their mettle. 

What are eLoaders?

Similar to small logistical three or four wheelers, eLoaders serve the purpose of being the last mile connectivity and help in being an important link of the supply chain. With the advancements in electric automation, eLoaders have paved the way to the future of logistics and management of goods in demand. 

Coming with an array of modifications and specializations as per necessity, eclectic loading vehicles can be made to custom fit your needs of execution based on logistical planning. So whether it is plumbing essentials to a farmer’s market, your logistical challenges can be a thing of history. 

Why choose eLoaders?

The last decade has seen unprecedented developments in market demands of all kinds. In the age of the 21st century’s consumerism, there is a constant threshold demand for products of all kinds. From the producers’ factories, the seller’s shops and till the buyer’s door, providing simplified strategies for market need solutions have seen drastic reinvention. 

In such times, the backbone of the supply chain is being met with the help of tertiary movers such as small scale three and four-wheeler cargo movers. This is highly relevant even in the currently prevailing uncertain times of the pandemic. If anything, the demand of various products, even though labelled inessential, have only seen a rise throughout the duration of the pandemic. eLoaders in such times can be exactly what the Indian roads and consumers need in order to ensure connectivity and timely consignment deliveries. 

Advantages Over Conventional Loaders 

The most important reason why electric loaders are an advantage over other mini loader vehicles is the long-term expenditure in the aspects of fuel. In a survey conducted, 65% of conventional loader proprietors expressed their concerns over the diesel models and how sky-rocketing fuel prices have been continuously biting into their profits. 

“The major challenge is that most of the expenditure in the business is towards diesel or CNG. The delivery guys and the drivers are given the remaining mostly.” said Mr.

The running cost of an eLoader even after including the preliminary installation towards the battery charging outlets still outweigh the long-term investment towards the fuel expenses of conventional loader vehicles. 

Parallelly, most eLoaders also come with extremely customizable features depending on the needs of the user. Whether it is local vegetable vendors, spare parts of vehicles to plumbing solutions, eLoaders come with a promise of efficiency and versatility in compact sizes. 

Apart from these, it is undeniable that eLoaders are a step towards sustainable and eco-friendly by contributing to the zero-emissions dream that is being proactively invested on multiple fronts and agencies. 

eLoaders As the Solution to Modern Day Challenges 

It cannot be denied that the current day problems are extremely different and hence need novel solutions. Whether it is the aspect of supply chain or the sudden rise in people seeking the convenience almost everything in the comfort of their houses, the challenges of maintaining small businesses during the pandemic or the steady surge in conventional fuel prices in the last decade, none of these come with a one stop solution as simple as opting for electric loaders and electric automobiles. 

One can hardly deny the many solutions that electric loaders bring to the table. Without compromising on being the most vital element in holding together the pressure of meeting the demands of the population, eLoaders are indeed the future of logistics and convenience at your doorstep!

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