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The Advantage of Electric Vehicles in Cities

January 28, 2021

Discussion about the growth of electric mobility has been around for the past decade. Their necessity has grown further given the need for sustainability and reduction in emissions. India has started its widespread revolution of electric vehicles and has been successful over the last decade, and has a promising future in electric mobility.

According to Wikipedia, India is the third largest producer of electricity and the third largest consumer of it. Given that, there have been concerns about electricity being generated by fossil fuels and thus being harmful to the environment, hence electric mobility not being sustainable. But as a long term goal, electricity can be generated using hydropower, solar energy, wind power, etcetera. With the increase in the electric vehicle industry, already existing alternatives to electricity generation can be made use of even more. Heading towards 100% clean energy is also another way to ensure less harmfulness.

It is generally argued that electric vehicles are more harmful than helpful. But in cities like Delhi where pollution is on the high, electric vehicles are its most efficient form of transportation. It is said that spending one day in Delhi amidst all its pollution is equivalent to smoking up to 25 cigarettes a day.

If electric vehicles are powered by clean energy, they can reduce air pollution. They are also the most convenient, cheaper and easier to maintain vehicles. Not just that, electric vehicles are great for the electric grid. With better batteries and an increase in the energy density, the batteries used for electric vehicles could be more useful. If planned correctly, electric vehicle batteries can be used to supply electricity to homes during times of crisis or problems with power supply. 

With a proper study of the electricity consumption by electric vehicles in an area, the appropriate number of charging stations can be built, thus meeting the demand with supply. With smarter technology, the possibility of power failures that come with charging too many electric vehicles at the same time at charging stations can also be avoided.

Electric vehicles are better not only for the environment but also for the people. Combustion vehicles pose a greater threat to the well-being of the environment and people than electric vehicles do. Companies like Uber have been moving toward adapting electric vehicles for their transportation services already. With smart, long term planning, electric vehicles can prove to be the most efficient and sustainable solution to environmental issues.

Syndicate Motors is a manufacturer of electric vehicles that combat environmental issues and economic issues in India. Join us in our fight for a sustainable environment as well as a cleaner and greener India.

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