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How Much Does an eRickshaw Cost?

June 17, 2021

The electric vehicle industry in India has seen an unprecedented boom in the country for the last few years. The introduction of eRickshaws into the market has given the commuters a very strong reason to opt for the electric variants of rickshaws.

Taking on the regular commuters and office- goers in most major cities in the country, electric vehicles come with an endless number of specifications based on your needs. 

Not only that- the ergonomically designed eRickshaws also present the owners of the rickshaw to customize it however they please. All this and more, electric rickshaws come highly recommended especially due to a large number of subsidies having been announced by the government in recent years. 

In a move to popularize eRickshaws both for personal owners and business proprietors who may buy and rent out vehicles to drivers as a business, subsidies and financial perks have been announced by various nationalized banks offering loans at very attractive rates. With so many advantages to the buyers of eRickshaws, let us help you understand the pricing of these vehicles. 

The electric rickshaws can be sold with and without the batteries. The price of the battery alone depends on the type and the amount of charge it holds and costs anywhere around 0.5 lacs going upwards depending on the model, make and specifications. Companies as well as dealers offer various pricing ranges in order to attract potential customers to purchase the model of their preference depending on the needs of the buyers. 

Other than the price of the battery, the next bracket of inescapable expense is of the transport office for the paperwork and the permit. This obviously varies with respect to the state's RTOs but the upper limit to the expense of the paperwork including registration can come anywhere between ₹25,000 to ₹30,000. 

Since most state governments have announced subsidies towards helping the eRickshaw buyers and potential owners, the cost of SGST has been greatly reduced or in some cases is non- existent. At the rate of 5% GST in any case, the buyers can expect anywhere between ₹3000- ₹4,500 towards the purchase of their desired model of eRickshaw. 

Also, if a dealer is assisting you in the purchase of the vehicle, a small margin of the price may also be a part of the commission of the middle people involved.

Do be aware of these hidden costs as they would greatly affect your experience as a potential electric rickshaw owner! 

The most basic design of the minimalistic 2- seater eRickshaw begins with a base price as low as ₹ 60,500! Including the prices of various modifications offered, the on- road price for the basic models may go up to 1.3 lacs including aesthetics, the price of the battery and all other costs. The pricing gets a little higher for the 4- seater and 6- seater models depending on the specifications and can reach up to ₹1.5+ Lacs. 

Syndicate Motors line of eRickshaws are a 4+1 -seater, designed ergonomically and come with various modifications as per buyer needs. The variations simply being the accessories that each of the models come with, they have a very slight price difference between the Delux and Super Delux models of eRickshaws- very standard for most electric rickshaw manufacturing companies. These electric autos mostly come within a base price bracket of ₹64,500 and may go higher- as much as ₹70,000. 

The cost of this base price more or less stays approximately the same for most of the models of electric auto rickshaws irrespective of the make and brand of the model of electric auto you intend to purchase. 

The on-road price for the Delux model of the electric rickshaws from the Syndicate Motors range can reach an upper limit of ₹1.42 lacs with overheads depending on the specifications. Similarly, the Super Delux models can price up to ₹1.45 lacs depending upon the personalized specifications that you might opt for. Some of these are a fire extinguisher, FM with Bluetooth, curtains and an LCD screen to assist the drivers in parking! 

So, what are you waiting for! Get in touch with us now and book your preferred model of electric auto rickshaw, today! 

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